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        Terra Nova Fence, Inc.
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        "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors"
        CALL TODAY FOR A FREE?FENCE QUOTE??215-441-4480
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        PVC and Vinyl Fence
        Although PVC and vinyl fencing materials are not the traditional option, they have become quite popular for a handful of reasons. ?To begin with, both types of fencing have an excellent reputation for their weatherproof qualities. They are very resilient when it comes to taking a beating from Philadelphia′s scorching summer sun as well as withstanding our bitter winter temperatures. ?And you never have to worry about painting or treating a PVC or vinyl fence – the color is built in!
        For the widest selection of vinyl and PVC fences in Philadelphia, Give Terra Nova a call at 215-441-4480 now. Below are our more PVC / Vinyl fence options. ?
        PVC Privacy
        Privacy W/ Lattice Fence
        PVC Spindle Fence
        PVC Picket Fence
        Also offered in a scalloped style
        Also offered in a scalloped and arched style
        Serving Philadelphia County, Delaware County,?Bucks County, Montgomery County and South Jersey.